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That guy looks nothing like Superman. He now looks like a pathetic and not-quite-as-repulsive Michael Jackson. So in a way, he fails on two levels just in appearance: Not Superman, not MJ, either.

Then there's the fact that he obviously has psychological problems to do something this extreme, and yet nobody is stopping him. FAIL on friends/family for this.

If I was his surgeon I'd first say, "Well, you know what you're not going to look like Superman because you're Filipino. The other reason being, you obviously don't work out so you need to do that for a good year; eat right as well, and come back to me and we'll see what we can do."
If he comes back the next year and he's buff I'll say "wow, good job on that! Now you can actually pick up chicks! I will even do the plastic surgery for you if you'd like. First, lift up my car out there in the parking lot with one arm - two if it starts to be a little wobbly - and place it between those two cars. I want it to look like the parallel park from hell. After that, I'll give you your surgery for free."

But that's just me.

What a sad human being.
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