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To the two guys above:

Let me clarify: While Cavill looks the part, Routh looked even MORE the part (plus he put on a helluva performance IMO, following right in Reeves' footsteps). Plus, I like the classic Superman outfit (red undies and all) over these pics of the new outfit. Though I never did like the "S" shield in Returns, it was too small. This "S" shield is only slightly better cuz it's bigger.

Going by acting and performance, you're both right: I'll have to wait to see the movie. Maybe I'll really like it. Maybe it'll surpass my expectations, I'm hoping it will. But right now, I'm not so sure.

Only time will tell............
AJ is actually right. Do you know what Superman looks like? Think about this, The way Superman "looks" can look very different based upon the direction of the writer whose writing him, and the artist whose drawing him. There's Curt Swan Superman:

Which is what the character was like back in the 70s (before the original Chris Reeve movie came out) which is characterized by the huge barrel chested look. This style was prevalent all the way till the mid 80s. There's the modern George Perez look:

The facial drawing of these two characters is very different. There's the Alex Ross "kingdome Come" version:

In which even the iconic chest emblem is completely changed (to reflect the fact that this story takes place in the future). Going off the deep end, there's also Superman Beyond:

And, even further off the deep end, in current DC continuity, there are TWO Supermans. There's Kal-L, whose the Action Comics #1, Golden Age Superman, and there's Kal-el, whose the Silver Age to modern Age Superman. They even met, and fought:

So, that's why I think AJ is right here, when you say that someone "doesn't look like Superman" or that one actor is more Superman than someone else, that's subjective. That's your taste, and that's fine, but there isn't any one Superman. His look has changed a lot over the years. Some of the changes were subtle, some not so much.
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