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If I have any bad movies it was bought on a blind purchase occasion, gave something a chance not having previously seen it, that one movie would be

Escape From NY
I loved LA way more, there was such an energy to the film, way more exciting and daring, NY didn't do a whole lot for me, not terrible, Mr. Carpenter does a lot when not given a lot but there was lots of potential I personally saw and well anyway that's the lowest movie I have and even it has it's ups.
Oh man, really? I thought LA was terrible. The surfing scene and Kurt Russell trying to play basketball were just horrible. IDK, I grow up on NY so I will always like it.

I would have to go with napoleon dynamite. Man, that movie was a turd! Meet the fockers was a bad buy too. I know I have more but I'm at work and can't see what other crap is in my collection

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