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So those of you that produce... what do you use? And what's your method? Do you like sample heavy beats, or do you prefer making one that's all drum bass and synth, or do you have your own style. Show beats if you got em!
I'm actually making a beat right now! I use Reason 5 as my DAW, and I use an MPK25 as my midi-controller. I use some samples, but I have my own style. I make beats that sound like they could be sampled. To cut and chop my samples, I use Recycle 2.1. I also have logic, but I think Reason 5 is more advanced. Logic does have better sounding synths though. So I do sometimes export beats from Reason, and import them into Logic and lay over them with synths and things.
When I sample, I use a lot of Curtis Mayfield, and Isaac Hayes.
Recently I made a Halloween beat in the spirit of Halloween. I'll try and find some way to post that here soon!
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