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Knew I should have changed my Texans pick to the Raiders, but just couldn't pull the trigger!
I did 2 hours before game time glad that worked.

BTW Eagles lose again HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I feel really priviliged that my team gets the opportunity to permanently end their season a loss and 1-5 they will be done.

Also nice pass at the end Eli so funny losing to Seattle at home hey remember he's just as good as Tom Brady

Redskins 3-1 leading the NFC East by themselves sounds pretty nice.

Also 48-3 49ers over Tampa Bay. If the win over the Eagles didn't get everyone's attention that I think will. Say what you will about the NFC East they have been really impressive and their only loss was an OT loss to Dallas with all things considered.

I wanted to also add too watching ESPN NFL countdown all the stuff on Al Davis people my age(I'm 28 BTW) pretty much know him from the past several years and what he has been like but I never realized how much of an influence he had on the Raiders and the NFL, merging with the AFL.

Really liked that for someone like me that never knew that much about him and makes us want to remember Al Davis more for that than the past few years running the Raiders
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