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I'm actually making a beat right now! I use Reason 5 as my DAW, and I use an MPK25 as my midi-controller. I use some samples, but I have my own style. I make beats that sound like they could be sampled. To cut and chop my samples, I use Recycle 2.1. I also have logic, but I think Reason 5 is more advanced. Logic does have better sounding synths though. So I do sometimes export beats from Reason, and import them into Logic and lay over them with synths and things.
When I sample, I use a lot of Curtis Mayfield, and Isaac Hayes.
Recently I made a Halloween beat in the spirit of Halloween. I'll try and find some way to post that here soon! lets you host mp3s

I use Reason Recycle and Record too! But I always get frustrated before i make an actual mixdown. Do you have an issue with the audio quality when you hit record on reason?
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