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I have lots of these great memories everytime I go back to playing Tecmo Super Bowl to the teams the 49ers had because playing as the Redskins against them in the playoffs they were so damn impossible to beat lol
Man the 49ers and Redskins had some great playoff games back in the 80's, early 90's...along with the Giants those were the three powers of football before the emergence of J. Johnson's Cowboys teams.

How do the Skins look this've really had a similar drought as us...(save one or two playoff appearances)...lots of talent over recent years, but probably not a bonafide QB to pull it all together. Is Grossman that guy? I doubt it since the guy is a turnover waiting to happen, but seems to be holding it together this year. Who knows, because it seems over night people have gone from saying the NFC East is one of the best divisions in football to overrated. The Eagles are where they are, Dallas has Romo lol...and the Giants lost to the Seahawks...the Seahawks?!?!? That leaves a Skins team that nobody has a handle on yet. Give me that handle dude!
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