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It is rare to find friends you keep forever. Most friends are the ones you have because of your current situation. Maybe you are friends with your neighbors and you do neighbor type stuff. Maybe you are friends with your kids friends parents. Maybe your friends are your co workers. Most of these friendships do not last, because life changes. You move. Kids grow up and get new friends. You change jobs. You are still friends with these people in most cases, but you just don't see or talk to them.
So true. I've had work friends who I was incredibly close to, but as soon as one of changed jobs it was like the other barely exists. When we see each other we can strike it up again real fast. But for the most part if people aren't right in front of you it's really damn hard to stay in touch. Most people are friends with people because they are nearby, and it's convenient. It's just the nature of things.
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