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How do the Skins look this've really had a similar drought as us...(save one or two playoff appearances)...lots of talent over recent years, but probably not a bonafide QB to pull it all together. Is Grossman that guy? I doubt it since the guy is a turnover waiting to happen, but seems to be holding it together this year. Who knows, because it seems over night people have gone from saying the NFC East is one of the best divisions in football to overrated. The Eagles are where they are, Dallas has Romo lol...and the Giants lost to the Seahawks...the Seahawks?!?!? That leaves a Skins team that nobody has a handle on yet. Give me that handle dude!
From what I've seen this far(I've only seen 2 of the 4 games due to where I live my FOX stations are from Detroit and Seattle thankful for Canadian stations and digital cable)


Redskins are looking really good this year better than I expected Orakpo and Kerrigan our rookie is playing really well we currently lead the league in sacks the D looks way better than last year as we have the right guys to play the 3-4 this time(imagine them 2 vs the Eagles O-line next week )

The offense has been at times good to ok Grossman had a god first couple games the last 2 haven't been that great with the last game throwing 2 late INTs to almost blow a 17-0 lead to the Rams but our D is the main reason we are 3-1.

We have a pretty good running game too 3 really good RBs Torain(Had a good game last week) Hightower who has been good and is the best out of the 3 for pass blocking and Helu has been good when he has been and might be our starting RB in a couple years.

Basicially we still need a QB but I'm a little unsure still about him but we did the right thing at the draft by aquiring draft picks and gaining more talent so when we get a franchise QB which is the only thing we are really missing at this point this is a team I think can start getting back to our glory years that we had from 1983-1991

Imagine a win next week over the Eagles and the Cowboys are playing New England and the Giants are playing the Bills. And have I also mentioned the Giants have to play the Packers and the Saints later on this year while our non-divisional games are Carolina and Minnesota.

We have a huge opportunity to take control of the NFC East next week

Makes me more excited for Washington vs Buffalo in Toronto on Oct. 30th
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