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This is another new sorry franchise that unfortunately sucks balls. I bought the first "Laid To Rest" a year ago and could not believe how bad the first ten minutes were. The acting was embarrassing. I'm a lot more pacient with so-called bad acting in lots of horror movies, but this was a rare exception. Is it the actors, or is the director incapable of inspiring decent performances out of them? It had the "Sarah Conner" TV chick and even John Conner himself, Thomas Dekker. They have both proven to be good actors with the right material. They were wasted in the movie, and I stopped watching after ten minutes.

I never bothered with the rest of the movie and got rid of it. Is it possible that the movie got better and I missed out on a fun ride? Possibly. Do I care? No. Sometimes, when you are presented with something so terrible, you would rather not waste anymore of your time and the electricity in your DVD player. I am all for terrific gore effects in these kinds of movies, but not at the expense of a crappy script that was not checked up on. What is it with these new filmmakers who come up with innovative death scenes but can't write a story better than a fifth grader? They are our future, as the older franchises are done. They are in a powerful position and shooting themsleves in the foot.

I'll include Danielle Harris in this reply-turned-mini-rant. I used to wonder if she looked back on "Halloween 5," put aside the wonderful memories with the cast, and realized what a disappointing movie it is (and only pretended to enjoy it with the director on the commentary). I don't wonder about that anymore. Her willingness to take part in so many new mediocre horror movies disappoints me. Maybe she needs the money, maybe not, I don't know.

I'm being really tough on this series, as I am with "Hatchet." That's because there are many so-called bad movies and bad franchises that I do identify redeeming values in, that I have to be honest when I do spot a dud. However, I'm glad that some of you enjoy "Laid To Rest." If nobody did, it would be a waste of celluloid.

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