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I've only really seen Quinto in Star Trek but he seems pretty good. Is Heroes worth watching?
Actually his Syler makes the whole proceeding interesting. He goes from bad to tragic to questioning good back to bad and does so almost without breaking a sweat. I'd say second to Clare and Noah his was the wildcard that gave almost all the characters motivation. It's probably the reason why I was intrigued about him playing Spock after playing Syler.

As for the show itself consensus is that Season1 was great, Season 2 suffered from the writer strike and shortened season, Season 3 was good to a point, Season 4 was the one I'm unfamiliar with as the characters dealt with travelers with powers like them, I lost track after it hit midseason. What's interesting about the series was also its incorporation into other media, I think there's a graphic novel for each season giving further story and background on the main and side characters plus theres also little movies here and there doing the same task. All and all the series was fun and had great potential that never it could never fully live up to, a fault of its limited scope and the fact that it second season left a bunch of plot holes never fulfilled, not even in the books. I recommend the entire series for doing if anything getting me back to watch network tv.
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