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Well, obviously Rooney has nothing on Scarlett body-wise. However, between them, I DO think she has the nicer face (at least when she's not Lisabeth'd up ). But, yeah, Lisabeth was never written as a sexpot, i.e. a girl whom most people would WANT to see get naked (as would be the case for most with Scarlett).
I just find it funny that Fincher was in a way unintentionally insulting whoever would end up with the part of Lisbeth.
He might as well walk right up to Rooney and say "you're not as sexy as Scarlett. You got the part because guys CAN wait for you to take your clothes off." lol.

But I do understand that it's not in Lisbeths character to be sexy. I believe she was described in the book as being "gothic, having piercing, and tattoos, but not unattractive." or something to that effect.
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