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I've been falling more and more in love with the Beatles this past year and a half. I've listened to some of their stuff off and on but never really got into them hardcore. My girlfriends mother got her hubbie the remastered boxset of all their albums for Christmas last year and it caught my eye. I downloaded every disc onto my iPod. Ever since I've been hooked. Their early stuff is catchy goodness (Help and Meet the Beatles being especially fun imo) but their later stuff is where they really got me. After two straight listens Rubber Soul became one of my favorite albums ever. Same with Abbey Road, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour. I honestly can't choose between the five, lol.

Magical Mystery Tour doesn't get enough love imo. When I first heard it I didn't know the history of the band and how record production worked back then. Critics seem to fluff it away as "just a soundtrack" to a crappy movie. Apparently Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane were released as singles beforehand...which doesn't matter to me in the least. Listening to it as an album is quite the experience. Everything from the Pepper-esque opening song, the bizarrely cheerful instrumental Flying, the trippy Blue Jay Way and I Am the Walrus, the beautiful Fool On the Hill, the foot stomping Baby You're A Rich Man and of course All You Need Is Love. It's just an album that can cheer me up and brighten my day.

Magical Mystery Tour and Abbey Road are in a constant tug of war over top honors, I can't chose between the two.

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