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So far i've read the following:

Action Comics #1 & 2

Tremendously entertaining. I just love the whole angle that Morrison has gone for here. Not only with Clark Kent/Superman but also with Lex Luthor. I loved how Luthor kept insisting that Superman should be referred to as "it" not "he" or "him". Also loved the torture scene and how he shrugged it off after a minute respite.

Batwoman #1 & 2

Wow. J H Williams' artwork here is an absolute delight. He really is a master of layouts. Plus the story is dark and intriguing. Loving the whole supernatural element as i'm a big fan of horror in general. And doesn't Batwoman's red hair just leap off the page? Defintely the most gorgeous comic i've seen in some time.

Swamp Thing #1 & 2

Really like the direction this is taking. It's both welcoming to new readers while providing enough of a twist to capture the attention of people (like me) who have read pretty much every Swamp Thing comic since Alan Moore took over (yes...I even suffered through the mostly awful Doug Wheeler years).

That's all i've had the chance to read so far. I do intend to read plenty of other titles (Wonder Woman, Justice League: Dark, Animal Man etc). Just don't have the time just now.
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