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Forget about Part 3. Part 4 kicks it's ass. The director must have went back to film school and finally graduated. Whereas he did very little with Part 3, he did everything and anything in Part 4. The snow setting pays off beautifully. There is blood splattered in snow. But most of the action takes place in a sanitarium, and there are some outstandingly bloody death scenes. It begins with a flashback in the 1970's. The three hillbillies escape from their cell, release the other disturbed inmates, and inspire a perfectly scored massacre on doctors, nurses and the other inmates. After that, we are immediately introduced to four of the eight main characters in 2003. A guy is screwing around with girl, and a girl is screwing around with a girl. You heard me. If that, as well as inventive death scenes, is what you're looking for, you are going to love "Wrong Turn 4." It is a worthy follow-up to the first two films.

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