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Yeah, watched this the other day right after the horrible new Hellraiser one, needed something to wash it down with...

And it really wasn't that bad! 10x better then part 3, it's very surprising to know they're both made by the same director.

Some nice nudity and gore also...
The skinning scene with the guy strapped to the table was very well done.

Also loved:
That final scene with the survivor's heads popping off and flying through the air, that was great, haha.

I just wish the girl who froze to death survived...she was so close!

Now some of the bad. It's painfully obvious that Cold Prey was a major influence on this entry in the series and it's nowhere near the same level as that movie.

Also, the characters in this movie make some of the dumbest decisions ever made (even by horror movie standards!)
That scene with the killers being trapped in the cell and not being killed was seriously fuckin retarded. Obviously they can't kill the freaks as it's a prequel, but that scene should have just been removed.

And that Bieber haircut dude's reaction to his girlfriend being killed was LOL worthy, I know I stupid.

At the end of the day, it definetly kept me entertained though and that's all that really matters.
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