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Halloween III is a Good Sequel, Darnit!

We've all heard the (negative) hype behind Halloween: Season of the Witch and how it is one of the worst sequels of all time, how Michael Myers isn't even in it, and all about how lame it was. Well, heeding those warnings I never ventured to check it out much more than brief clips on AMC around this time of year (I still haven't seen Halloween H20; I like to keep Michael Myers with Loomis, otherwise would be like reading Moby Dick had Captain Ahab not existed.) until just recently...and it was actually a, very good sequel!

Now, I'm not going to go into the politics of how John Carpenter and Debra Hill wanted Halloween to go the route of a Horror anthology to come out annually and that is why Michael...and yada-yada-yada. What I appreciate so much about the film is that it has what it takes to be a true staple of the genre, maybe not on the likes of Friday the 13 or Jaws, but a fun film that is highly regarded by Horror fans. The tone of the film is just as good as the original two Halloweens and it provides some very interesting characters such as Tom Atkins and Cochran, who is somewhat like a morbid Willy Wonka! I would recommend fans of the series and genre to at least give this film a chance before dismissing it, although I can see how some purists would not approve. However, it may be my favourite sequel out of all the Halloweens, tough as it is to compete with the other Loomis-centric entries of the series.

Halloween 3: 3.5/4

So, what says you Schmoes? How highly (or lowly) might you rate the film? How does it compare with the others? Are you glad that the series returned to the exploits of Michael Myers or disappointed that it did not go the route proposed with the Season of the Witch?

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