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I would also recommend checking out Marvel Knights: Spider-man "Down Among The Dead Men", which is just about to be reprinted. Written by Kick Ass scribe Mark Millar, it features the second and third wearers of the Venom suit and how they got it. It's also overall just a really great Spider-man story that I recommend to everyone.
Yeah the first 12 issues or so of that run were excellent. Loved Dodson's art and Millar is pretty much always a great read. That was the first real departure for Venom where the character became less then a shadow of it's self (which is all he was in his limited series for the most part) and i recall being really annoyed at it.

If one were to embrace the division and just enjoy the new Venom then the character is readable but for me Brock will always be Venom to me, my fav character ever since i became aware of Spider Man and Marvel comics. In many ways he's like Wolverine in that if he's got a good writer behind him he can shine but if not then he can easily become a joke.
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