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I agree with what you said about Season of the Witch in that I never put much thought or effort into tracking it down due to its lack thereof Myers and its less than desirable reputation. I too found a cheap DVD and decided to give it a chance, although I had by that point seen enough that I knew it would (at the very least) be an interesting watch.

That guy setting himself on fire at the beginning is such a powerful image, by the way. The whole film reminded me of some science-oriented picture of the 70's, and the henchmen really reminded me of that. This had some great scenes of carnage, too!

To justify the title of this Thread, what I meant by it is that although it lacks the central characters of the previous films the atmosphere and tone of the film is spot-on with Halloween's MO and I think that it is more than just worthy of its title. That scene in the room when John Carpenter's original Halloween score was phenomenal.

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