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What you refer to as 'dubstep' is correctly called 'brostep' - just to englighten everyone. You can take a short look at this

It's basically a sub-genre of dubstep. True dubstep sounds more like UK Garage, and Bass music.

For examples of what "true" dubstep sounds like, Benji B put up an awesome showcase late last year which you can check out here

and for quick ones

Kode9 - Fat Larry Skank
SP:MC & LX One - Down
Soap Dodgers - Water Landing (anybody recognize which film the sample's from? should be easy)
Distance - Mind Control (recognize the sample?)
Kromestar - Thru The Blinds
DJ Madd - New Reality
Goli & Ashburner - Field of Vibrations (Benton Remix) (sample "From Beyond")

if you want to hear more stuff like the above, listen to Youngsta here or just get Youngsta's Rinse:14 release

all the stuff I posted is real dubstep, not brostep everyone calls dubstep.

Real dubstep; Youngsta, Icicle, J:Kenzo, Kryptic Minds, Headhunter, Pinch, LX One, Biome, Benton, Distance, Kromestar etc
brostep; Caspa, Rusko, Datsik, Excision, Skrillex, etc.
Brostep. That's fucking awesome. I'm going to start calling it that around my friends that are fans of that shit.
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