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Seriously. I mean, to each their own, but although perhaps a little dated, The Exorcist remains to this day one of the defining films of Horror. I simply don't see how any self-respecting fan could dislike it. It certainly doesn't keep me up at night, but to claim that it sucks? That's just beyond me! No offense, magjournal, but wtf!?
The film is definitely a little dated by now. But really, good writing, acting and directing never goes out of style. Magjournal claims "nothing happened" for the first half of the film but this isn't the case. The Exorcist was a slow-build horror film that took time to develop its characters and locations before jumping into the demony goodness. I can understand someone not liking it for its somewhat slow pace (I personally don't find it slow), but to say nothing happened?

I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors today. I enjoyed it a lot more than part 2. It was good to see the characters get a little development and have to take on their own individual fears against Freddy in the final act. Langenkamp's fate surprised me as well. I'd say a decent 7/10 for this installment.
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