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What's wrong with the title? :/
As long as the plot isn't as outlandish as someone trying to make the sky fall, then the title won't bother me.

I'm more concerned of the writing, not the title.
I dunno, sounds like something more for a videogame. I'm just hoping they continue with one the last Fleming titles like "Property of a Lady" or "Risico"....

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I feel like I'm the only person who really enjoyed Quantum of Solace. Maybe it was because I was significantly intoxicated while watching it, but I had no trouble following the action.
I have no problem admitting that I also really enjoyed Quantum, and I've seen it many times subsequently (sober and not). Sure, it's certainly not as smart as CR, but it delivered on the action that the few critics of CR said that it was lacking. It was basically Daniel Craig's License to Kill, except better. But I look at it more as a bookend to CR, the rest of the story more-or-less of James becoming "Bond" and setting up his primary adversaries, QUANTUM (formerly "SPECTRE").

Also, the Goldfinger nod with Strawberry Fields being drowned in oil was the shit.

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