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Yeah, one of the many things that made LOTR that great was this composer. The layers in that score are incredible, and making the Hobbit without him seems wrong.

That latest blog is fantastic...but when is the teaser coming out? It's 2012 right? So on LOTR they had a very early trailer for FOTR, but for TTT and ROTK they had not so many. I hope with one of the December-releases but it could also be in Blockbuster-season starting in May and a full trailer in September/Oktober.

If I was a marketeer, I would hold. This movie is gonna sell itself, the name and fame of the LOTR-movies is that big. Wait until May for a teaser, and a full trailer in Oktober/November and when that trailer airs start a big push. But I would love to see a teaser earlier of course...
I was hoping for a teaser trailer THIS Christmas.
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