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Sirius/XM Satellite Radio?

Thinking about getting a subscription with 'em.

It's been about 5 years or so since I had Sirius, before they bought out XM of course. Mainly got it for Howard Stern, and it was worth it. For whatever reason I did away with it though. At the time it was $13/month.

I just visited their web page and it apparently looks like it's recommended that you buy one of their radio's at a retailer, and then go on their site to activate your subscription to their service. The prices have only gone up like $3 more, so that's fair.

Then I go to the shop section, and I look at radio's for my vehicle only. They've got a "snap on" radio there for $30 which sounds good, and pretty much all I would need/want. Then it gives you the option to chose a 3 month or 1-3 year subscription included for the service. The PROBLEM is, that it doesn't go into specifics as far as WHAT is included in that 3 month subscription to their service (ie. what channels, etc).

SO does anyone have their service, and if so, is it worth getting? How's their customer service? And service in general, when you're riding around in your car?

Also, would it make more sense to purchase their radio online or at a retailer - and then once I have it, THEN go to their site and set up a subscription with them choosing the "I already have my Sirius/XM radio" option?

Any help or feedback on this would be much appreciated! Thanks
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