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There's that's what I think I'm sure there will be a disagreement with the AL MVP selection so fire away if you wish
AL MVP He wont win it, but he should. Granderson. Call me a homer. I don't care about Verlander. He is not the MVP I am not going to get into why I do not think this way. Grandy had a low average, but he was at the top for homers, RBis, crushed everyone in runs and was had a lot fo Stolen bases. I count out Boston's two guys, because I feel they cancel eachother other. I do not count the last 4 weeks of the season against them. I do not give it to Bautisa. He had a great year, but you have to do something really special to win the mvp on the .500 team. I would like to point out if Guidry did not win it in 1978, Verlander does not win it now. Guidry was 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA.

I do not follow the NL nearly as much as the AL. Braun looks like the choice for me. I could live with Kemp. He was nealry triple crown.

AL CY Verlander
NL CY Clayton Kershaw

I do not give awards to managers who back into the playoffs. Based on the whole year
AL Mgr Detroit
NL Mgr Arizona
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