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AL MVP He wont win it, but he should. Granderson. Call me a homer. I don't care about Verlander. He is not the MVP I am not going to get into why I do not think this way. Grandy had a low average, but he was at the top for homers, RBis, crushed everyone in runs and was had a lot fo Stolen bases. I count out Boston's two guys, because I feel they cancel eachother other. I do not count the last 4 weeks of the season against them. I do not give it to Bautisa. He had a great year, but you have to do something really special to win the mvp on the .500 team. I would like to point out if Guidry did not win it in 1978, Verlander does not win it now. Guidry was 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA.
I can see how Granderson can win he's the 2nd player to have 40HRs 10 triples and 20 SBs same with Ellsbury it's not like last last year's AL Cy Young award.

For me it's what's the team like without the player and I think if the Red Sox had not completely collapsed and choked away a playoff spot it would have been Ellsbury's since he was the only Red Sox player that did really anything in the last month of the year
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