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Fans of V for Vendetta are really starting to annoy me

Fans that take this film seriously are 10x worse than fans that take Fight Club seriously ( I love FC but mostly because its funny as hell, not because of the Project Mayhem message).
My Facebook news feed on the 5th was full of "Remember remember the 5th of November" and "Ideas are bullet proof!!". Now, I love my friends to death but come on, enough already!

First off, the film isnt even that great to begin with. It's run time is too long and the direction sucks (I think the Wachowski bros should of directed it instead of the director for freakin Ninja Assassin. Would of probably done the graphic novel justice} Portman's accent comes and goes through out the film. The message in the film comes across waaaay too preachy imo.

And I don't want to get political but the Occupy Wallstreet protesters and their love for Guy Fawkes is downright nauseating.

"Ideas are bullet proof brah! Fuck yeah! Power to da people!"
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