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If you want it for Howard go for it.

If you have an iPhone get something by Pioneer called App Radio. It is like a headunit without a cd player. Basically, you are using your iPhone and the apps to listen to music. You can use Pandora, your songs on your iPhone or what radio apps you have, view pics, Navigation, bluetooth and more.
Take a look at the clip on the link.

Retail is like $400, but I am sure you can find it cheaper online. Then you don't have to pay for any subscriptions.

If you don't have an iPhone,, then oh well, but if I were to get something I would get this. I pretty much listen to song on my iPhone and a few internet radio stations. Worth the upfront costs

There is a $30 rebate going on with Sirius. Sirius has better signals now, because they are using the XM satellites and network. To me, I think it is over priced. I have it built into two of my cars, but I don't have it active. Every now and then it is free for a bit and I quickly know why I choose not to pay for it.

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