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Okay, so what I really liked about that scene was, like -- can anyone else picture checking out a member of the opposite sex, then in the span of a second casually glancing to your right, seeing your killer, being shot, and dying?

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Funny that your first instinct is the futile gesture of putting up your hand.
That would totally be my immediate reaction. There must be some Evolutionary reason for it.

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Didn't find the episode dull at all, I don't really have anything else to add except for I love this show and the characters are f'ing great, loving Van Alden and Jimmy.

Definitely rooting for Jimmy in his situation with Nucky.
Oh, I just meant dull in the grand scheme of the season, and I felt this way precisely because I like Jimmy, Van Alden, Nucky, Harrow, etc. I appreciate that basically there are certain episodes where for both budget and character/plot development purposes the episode is forced to focus on certain elements that are less interesting. Since this episode was intensively about the Margaret and Owen storyline(s) -- which is my least favorite -- it just seemed dull compared to, say, anything involving William Forsythe.

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