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I had no idea the film had such a backlash, I remember it being mostly praised when it came out. The comic is no less subtle then the film imo and I actually find the comic to be a disappointment. It's a very angry book and I personally feel Moore got lost in his message and forgot to create real people like he did so damn masterfully in Watchmen. It just doesn't read very well. Watchmen, an incredibly dense, layered work still has a pace and flow. V For Vendetta just seems to ramble and has moments of fits and starts. I know my cred (if I ever had any) is about to be shattered but the film is better imo. The films message and idea's are no doubt safer and more straightforward, but I feel it's still pretty ballsy for a big budget studio picture. The characters in the film seem like real characters while the the characters in the comic feel like Moore's opinions on paper.

Hang me now if you wish.

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