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Fair enough sir.

I DO agree with ya as far as the music aspect, in that (unless it's a SPECIFIC "rolling stones" or "elvis" channel) - That satellite DOES play a lotta the shit that's on terrestrial radio for sure.

I'm a HUGE fan of talk radio, so if I WERE to get it - it'd be for Howard Stern, sports & political talk programs.
Well you'll find there is more of a variety of the music. I'm not sure about any kind of popular radio stations Sirius might have that would be comparable to radio stations but the genre or decade stations give you way more variety.

Here in Toronto we have a classic rock station called Q107. It's pretty good, has decent variety, but they tend to play a bit too much Rolling Stones, Beatles and Zeppelin and not enough of stuff like Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf or Blood Sweat and Tears. Where as on the Calssic rock or the 60's/70's station you're going to get a wider variety.

Exactly how these channels break down or their quality overall i'm not sure of aside from my dad really enjoying the 70's station for classic rock stuff. So in place of regular radio its better but if you are Wifi'n like Erroneous you'll probably find better stuff then on Sirius.
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