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To each his own.
I think the domination of the video game sales every year, and domination in amount of people logged playing the game speaks for itself.

Not trying to get into a war over if COD is great or sucks or is better than anything but, the numbers don't lie. People are satisfied, and there is a small amount that want to do their own thing that don't like the game.
If numbers don't lie, then Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Twilight are top notch entertainment.

People go for the bigger name. COD has a legacy. I know people who buy each COD game just to have them. They don't even play games at all. But they'll buy COD because it's the "IN" thing to do in the gaming world.
COD was marketed right. If all of your friends are playing it, then whether you like it or not you'll be playing it too. Sales has nothing to do with gameplay, and therefore it's not really a credible factor.

I'm not dissing the COD franchise. I've enjoyed every COD game I've played. I just think overall the series has been nothing but disappointing since the strength of the first MW game.
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