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If all of them are the same based on gameplay, then the first MW is the same as all the other MW's? So how could all the sequels be garbage when all they did is expand on the gameplay by adding more game options, more customization and RPG elements with tweaking layouts to your style, hell even down to tweaking your characters clothing, gunwear and accessories?
I never said they were all the same. I said all of them after MW were a disappointment. And that's my personal opinion. If you liked them, thats great. But I'll tell you why they didn't work for me.

The first Modern Warfare added a lot to the FPS world.
- It popularized the Unlock Ranking up system where you unlock weapons -and things as you go.
-It added perks which added a new dynamic to first person shooters.
-It was the first FPS game I had played where you could shoot through pieces of the environment.
-And there were killstreaks which was satisfying and unique as well.

The following COD game was somewhat disappointing. It was fun. But it didn't innovate anything. All it did was take everything from Modern Warfare and put it in WW!! with tanks. Oh and there was Nazi Zombies which was really the only thing that was unique about it.

Which was fine. I enjoyed it. At that point that type of thing was still fresh and fun.

Then MW2 came out. All MW2 did was take MW1, update the graphics, add a few new guns and have different Multiplayer maps. It was fun too. But it really felt more like an expansion pack than a whole new game.

Then Black Ops came out, and it added nothing new and felt like another expansion pack.

They were all fun. But the only COD game in the whole franchise that really stood out was the first MW. It was the only one with major FPS innovations. As you said, the following games only expanded on the concepts.

For some people that works. Some don't want to play a brand new game. If you liked MW1 enough to buy and play every 60$ expansion pack it's had then that's great. I'm glad you enjoy it.

The music thing is a moot point, it's a totally different demographic, totally different audience, mentality, there is so much else that goes with musical taste and outlook than goes into a preference of a video game
I don't think the music thing is a "moot" point. You claimed that "Numbers Don't Lie", Numbers are universal. If the statement "Numbers don't lie" is correct, then numbers for music, movies, games, clothes, cars, women, dogs, cats, everything in the universe would be the same. Thus, making my statement correct.
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