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I didn't really think about the issue of playing Battlefield on a console, but you're right. I play Battlefield BC 2 on PC, and it's amazing when you play the large maps with 64 people. Console versions can't have that many people and playing the larger maps with less people is not much fun.

But yeah, the large maps with 64 people, snipers, infantry, tanks, choppers, airstrikes, and building destruction it can get insanely intense. It's just not the same experience on a console. So I could agree with the sentiment that Battlefield is the better PC FPS while COD is the better console FPS.

Me, I won't play FPS games on a console at all. I prefer the mouse and keyboard for more precise aiming. I'll only play over-the-shoulder shooters on my PS3 such as the Dead Space games.
Yeah, I really wish I could play it on the PC. I only have a mac unfortunately. So PC gaming is out for the moment.

But I'm not knocking the PS3 version of BF3. It's nowhere near as good as the PC version i'm sure, but it has it's moment. When people work together as a team, and play the game properly, it's actually very intense and enjoyable.

Only problem is, people don't normally play properly :/.

I still have fun with it though. Looking forward to the map pack this december
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