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No doubt you people judge his abilities on rubbish like clash of the titans, avatar and terminator salvation instead of a movie where he's required to act; unfortunately they happen to be small australian movies and you probably won't watch them. He is charismatic, unfortunately he hasn't chosen any good movies to be a part of since his careers taken off and he hasn't had to play any actual characters. No doubt if he was american no one would give a flying fuck because there are so many untalented uncharacteristic american action stars out there who can't act well when even the 'right role' comes their way.

Would like to hear what people think of his actual acting abilities i.e. somersault, dirty deeds or getting square.
Avatar, Clash of the Titans, and Terminator: Salvation being bigger movies means that he's not "required to act". I don't buy that. I give a flying fuck about good acting, be the actor Australian, American, or whatever nationality.

And you're actually saying that people on this board wouldn't watch smaller, independent movies?
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