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^Personally I think Craig is an overrated actor and Pitt is an extremely overrated actor, Pitt is miscast in many of his films, as for 'Troy' he looked the part, sort of, but his ability as an actor let him down hugely.

I dislike Bale down to his attitude and something about his looks, he just looks a nasty piece of work.

Costner is an odd entity in that he sometimes gives fantastic performances eg. 'Untouchables' and 'Dances With Wolves' but then goes and makes a tonne of crapola. The thing with Kev is his looks, he has an odd look, not a really handsome chap but not ugly, he can play good guys and bad guys well (check '3000 Miles to Graceland') and has that look in his eye which does allot of acting for him, the camera likes him in an odd way, his problem being he doesn't fit in today's age of film, he's an old style kinda guy.

Worthington, if you ask me, doesn't really show much acting skill plus he looks like Joe Bloggs from the building site down the road, someone from casting has simply run out of ideas so they grabbed this bloke off the street to act in their film haha. Worthington has absolutely no screen presence atall!! he's like an extra in the background that's gotten lost, even his name is kinda dull!

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