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So I was checking out what was going to be on HBO, and have some movies set to DVR. Did some research on most and was looking for some Schmoe f/b.

Road Kill (2010) - Killer Semi? Why not, I like Duel, Road Games etc. Hell, I even have a heart for Maximum Overdrive!

Pig Hunt (2008) - Sounds like Razorback reduex.

The Collector (2009) - "Gory torture-porn in the likes of Saw". Sounds fun to me.

Rampage (2009) - Oh no! Is it possible that Uwe Boll made something watchable? Let alone enjoyable?

Severance (2006) - Most excited about this one. I remember hearing alot of good things about this but never came across it until now.

Thanks for the feedback!
Watched Rampage last night. All I can say is wow. It's like someone gave Uwe Boll a fuckload of pyro and squibs and said "make a movie". He did, and what a brutal assult it was. After I was able to get through 20 mins of the most ATROCIOUS dialogue I think I have ever heard, this movie really kicked my ass. One of the most violent movies I think I have ever seen. Get through the dialogue, and it's an awesome ride.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the cinematography. Do all of his movies look like Michael J. Fox shot them? It's called a steadicam asshole!!!

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