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Beautiful film. I'm still relatively new to the films of Lars Von Trier but this one blew me away. I knew from the opening scene, involving a montage of surreal images, I was in for something unique. Props to Kirsten Dunst for possibly the best performance of her career. Having personally known a few people suffering with depression I can safely say she nailed it; it was hard to watch her descent at times. Charlotte Gainsbourg was likewise brilliant in the role of Justine's sister and we also see an evolution in her character. The moment she realizes the weight of their situation, when her emotion gets the better of her, she truly shines. It was also great to see John Hurt and Kiefer Sutherland's appearances.

I can see this being a divisive film. Those who are familiar with Von Trier should probably already be aware of this. It's a "slow" moving film and not a straight-up sci-fi/disaster flick. The film is heavy in mood, imagery and dialogue. It's divided into two parts, each encompassing a separate sister, and we get to see the focus shift off of Justine for a bit in the latter half. I love how the planet Melancholia is a symbol for depression. It also makes me wonder whether Justine is actually pyschic of impending doom, hence the depression. The last scene of the film in particular is very powerful and is still haunting me. Overall it's an interesting and different film experience.


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