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Holy shit Rothstein is a pimp. Dude kind of goes under the radar and then when he has a meeting with two of the smartest guys in the business (Thompson and Torrio), he makes them both look like dummies, haha. He fixed the World Series after all. He's the smartest guy on the show. Thompson was smart to take his advice. Now we'll get to see a little more of Slater's "I'll choke a guy until his fingers fall off'' side and a little less of his "I'm a charming douche who is up to no good" side.

And I'm starting to think Jimmy might not make it to the next season. You know a power trip is in store when you throw Doyle off the balcony the first night after Nucky resigns. "Yeah I'm lookin' at you ya Jew bastard."

Oh yeah, where did Van Alden get that money?

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