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In the very beginning of Melancholia" we become aware of the imminent end of the earth. "The Tree of Life" depicts the creation of the earth, while "Melancholia" the end.

The narrative (in two parts) follows two sisters Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg). It's evident during Justine's wedding that she suffers mental depression, while her sister is somewhat grounded.

The title of the film tells us a lot about the story. On the one hand, it's the name of the planet heading towards earth, and on the other, a description of Justine's mental state. At the wedding reception think of "Rachael Getting Married". And by the end we see a personality change in both sisters. I imagine the message is how we react at the point of death.

I'm not sure what genre you put the film under. It's far from your Hollywood sci-fi and disaster films. I'll just refer to it as Lars von Trier-ism. You either love him or hate him, as most do with Mel Gibson.

The film has it's flaws, but if you accept the planet theory you will witness some beautiful special effects and amazing acting, with Ms. Dunst offering her best performance, to date. The other cast members such as: Kiefer Sutherland Charlotte Rampling (mother) are also good.

I just wish directors would stop with these hand-held shaky cameras.

4/5 stars

great movie saw it yesterday.......great scene when the gravity of earth and melencholia contradict and waterdrops instead of falling start rising up........and also the end when theres water everywhere and the two planets collide......gave me chills......after watching 2012 gave quite a different expression of how the world may end.........gud story and carried out well.......
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