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Interesting. I'm not sure what causes this. It's got me wondering. Maybe it's a guild benefit? This is interesting.

btw, what do you play as. I'm sort of a mage, with a bit of archer in there. It works nicely for me.
I picked a Nord (i've always played Nord since Morrowind) and am going as a basic melee fighter with some Restoration magic tossed in. I always like to play a sort of melee type class unless it a modern game and guns are everywhere.

I' specializing (only spending perk points in) Heavy Armor, Blocking, One handed, Smithing, Restoration and Speech.

Just crafted my full set of Orcish armor last night and it's pretty cool looking though i prefer the look of the Dwarven armor which also is something form Morrowind. They look a lot like the guards in Vivec and i would always kill one and steal their stuff cause it looked bad ass. Actually now that i think of it the green and black of the Glass armor from Morrowind looked the best, wonder how it looks in Skyrim.
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