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It also makes me wonder whether Justine is actually pyschic of impending doom, hence the depression.
Nothing I'm about to say spoils anything in particular, but for those wanting to stay away from small plot details and scene info, I'll put spoiler tags on this...

I had the same interpretation about Justine. She had some kind of psychic ability (I remember how one of her family member states that the women in her family "just know things"). I thought that this was the reason for her intense descent during the wedding and into the beginning of the second half. She knows Melancholia is coming and everyone is doomed.

I think she starts to accept it more as the second half goes on. I was initially puzzled by the scene where Justine lay naked staring up at Melancholia. I just thought it was weird and bizarre for weird's sake. But having discussed and thought about this, I now interpret that scene as symbolising Justine's acceptance of her fate. Whereas her sister is more comfortable in denial, pretending everything's okay. Which is why Dunst is so harsh on her later on in the film (trying to snap her back into reality).

I saw this is at the Wellington Film Festival earlier in the year and it has lingered long in the memory. Look forward to seeing it again ASAP. It's a thought-provoking and very beautiful film. The opening and closing were especially haunting.
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