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Also, I need to start smithing. You can create weapons and armor from scratch basically? all you need is ingredients? That sounds awesome. Can you smith at any smelter?
Yeah you just need the mats and be at a Forge. The mats are usually 1-4 Leather strips and 1-3 or the type of ingot per piece. Once you get into the Perk sets you may have to toss in an extra Iron ingot with each piece.

You get ingots by smelting the raw ore at a Smelting station (which is different from a Forge but often found in the same place). Leather strips you get from rendering Leather which you get from a Tanning station with fur pelts. Depending on the type of pelt you'll get anywhere between 1-4 pieces of Leather which then get rendered into 4 Leather Strips per piece of Leather.

From what i've noticed Light Armor uses Leather while Heavy Armor uses Leather Strips.

For my Orcish set (Armor, Helm, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield, Sword and Bow) cost me roughly 12 Leather Strips, 25 Orichillion Ingots and 7 Iron Ingots all together. Add another 7 Orichillion Ingots to sharpen/improve all 7 pieces at a Grind Stone or Armor Table after they are crafted.

If i recall my current armor rating in the full set is something like 224!
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