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Yeah i believe the Glass is the highest tier of Light Armor and is the last tier in on the Light armor side in the Smithing Perk tree.

Actually come to think of it the Dragon Armor might be the final tier and Glass the one before it but i'm not sure if Dragon Armor is classified as Light or Heavy armor as yet.

The first tier is Steel armor and then you either branch to the left to learn Light armor sets or to the right to learn Heavy armor sets.
The dragon armor is considered the highest tier and when you learn it you can either make the dragonscale armor or dragonbone armor ( scale for light armor, bone for heavy ). As far as heavy armor goes, Daedric armor has a higher armor rating from what ive seen but its heavier. Dragonbone on the other hand is pretty easy to obtain, ive saved all of mine so in that sense Dragonbone might be the way to go at first and when you have collected the daedric hearts, craft daedric stuff and give the dragonbone stuff to Lydia ( the companion helper chick person thingy ) or something.
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