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I really wish Bethesda could have added in some of the dismemberment or head explosions found in the Fallout series. It would be extremely pleasing to see an arm lopped off in a kill, or a head caved in from a mace. The slo-mo cut of your character whacking an enemy in the head with a weapon just doesn't do it for me. Bethesda could have been a little more rewarding with the slo-mo kill cut, why even put it in the game if you don't have a gory payoff?

Actually, Bethesda should have added in some sort of version of the V.A.T.S. for Skyrim, call it Warrior Eye or Warrior Vision or something, so you can freeze the action, target an appendage, and attack it. I would love to nail some deer long distance in the head with an arrow, while hunting.
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