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Tabloid hype, if you ask me.

The "substantial new information" sounds impressive, but I very much doubt there's any documentation or second witness to back up Darvin's statement. The technology to record audio and visual wouldn't have been so easily available and what use would it have been to the captain of a ship. And for a second witness to corroborate the statment would be too convenient considering we're now thirty years on.

Then there's this statement which is hard to believe, "Darvin claims that Wood had fallen into the water following an argument with her husband, who forbid the captain from aiding her". Since when do passengers dictate to the captain what he can or can't do on the ship.

One person's story against two. Both Wagner and Lana Wood dismissed the idea of foul play.

If you listen very carefully you can hear the trampling over Natalie Wood's grave, and the sound of typing a first draft.

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