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So i sort of randomly decided to take a peek in the rants section and i was truly surprised to see this thing still floating around, i would have thought it would have sunk into the digital depths of the internet by now. Props to Trail_blazer who pretty much nailed it and saw where the rant kinda came from.

I was most definately mad at a lot of things and the film in question served as a convenient trigger. I will admit that the comment about the kids was off and i'll apologise Mr. Anderson should i ever see him on the street ( i'll even offer him a pint in a nearby pub and then proceed to call him a cunt afterwards ) and i would also like to extend my apologies to anyone who may have felt offended by such a horrible thing to say. I will not edit the comment out though because its not something i do, may it remain there for future generations to serve as a reminder of how one man crossed a line and took it a bit too far. If im "man" enough to make such a comment, then i should also be man enough to admit that it was a mistake that bothered me aswell if im perfectly honest.

As for the rest of the rant... still standing by it, PWS Anderson is and probably will remain a cunt in my books.

PS. i'm still smoke free.
Awesome bro, glad to hear it. I have a lot of respect for you, having admitted that ya may've gone a bit over-board with the kids thing. NEVER should a kid be punished for their fathers' sins. I know that all too well.

Good to hear you're smoke free too now.
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