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This might be the best seasons of Sons yet.

I don't know if clay will be finished off, but him dying makes some sense. I can't imagine how the series could continue for much longer unless clay dies. None of the plots hinging on clay's actions- tara, gemma, none of them, would be resolved enough for more seasons should clay follow through. There could not be three more seasons if clay killed tara or gemma, because that would be unforgivable for jax or for the entire cast. In a way, the only trick to resolve the tensions without striking the show towards its finale season is to kill off clay. That could also provide the excuse for jax to stay in charming.

Killing clay might be the only solution to the tensions.
That's what I was thinking. Having Clay killed forces Jax to stay in Charming to fix the club from the ground up.

And someone already mentioned this but I also thought that maybe Clay was wearing a bulletproof vest.

I hope Clay is dead because I believe his storyline is over and his part in the show is done. I mean he either dies and the club has to deal with the altercations of their once great leader or he goes into custody to be hidden from the Sons and the other biker gangs.
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