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I really do not like the recent voting for the awards. I am talking the last few years. The voters seem to be writing their own rules these days and seem to be sorry about some past winners. They are more like feel good awards, rather than who really should be the winner.
I have no problem with the winners I thought they were well deserved and unpredictable mind you what I do have a problem with is this

1. A writer for Texas voting for Michael Young and putting Bautista 8th (really??)
2. A writer not putting Verlander on his ballot at all
3. 1 Writer not putting Ian Kennedy on their NL Cy Young award ballot
4. David Robertson got a 10th place MVP vote
5. Albert Pujols gets left off 2 MVP ballots
6. Joey Votto gets left off 4 MVP ballots
7. 6 Philadelphia players get MVP votes

Yes thats right 6 fucking players got votes Halladay, Howard, Victorino, Pence, Lee and Ruiz. Like how does that happen.
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