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The prime duty of doctors is to protect the health conditions of their patients. It is just so sad to see how doctors become incompetent nowadays. I guess some patients today do not die because of natural death but of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice is something which health professionals commit. Medical malpractice is a kind of lawsuit that is very challenging aside from the fact that this is very costly. The burden of proof lies to the victim to prove that the doctor has deviated from the medical standards. The so-called "deviation" which caused injury is the basis for malpractice. It is also debatable in this case if the doctor should also be expose criminal penalties. For more information about how to know if you can sue or not you should check out this article from Mr. Haskell .

Doctors must be equipped with enough knowledge and training and they must execute their job with due care for them to prevent mistakes. A single mistake could result to death of a certain patient.
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